Danna McKitrick understands the immense value placed on proactive risk management. Business owners are sometimes faced with the prospect of losing the business they worked to create if its assets are damaged in a catastrophe or if the business is the target of a lawsuit. Fortunately, business owners can prepare for these situations by obtaining insurance against them.

One of the keys to a successful business is protecting the business from the unexpected.

insurance-planningPreparing for unfortunate events or lawsuits requires an honest and thorough evaluation of the potential risks and liabilities faced by your business and knowledge of what types of insurance are available to address those risks and liabilities. Our attorneys have years of experience defending businesses in lawsuits filed against them. They use that experience to identify the insurance needs of a business and to advise the business owner as to the types of policies that can provide coverage for the unexpected events that arise.

Business owners can take advantage of our attorneys’ extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and products provided by insurance carriers to determine the best way to protect against the unexpected liabilities business owners often face.

Insurance Planning Attorneys

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